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26 November 2007 @ 08:40 pm

--> What is the city of Cystia?

Cystia is a floating experimental adaptation zone encased in an indestructible glass dome. What this means is the environment inside the dome can change at the whim of the Ten Saviors, making all sorts of situations from vines and ivy that won't stop growing on the buildings to gender changing rain to blistering hot days and nights. There were also animals, food products, and many other experimental objects left behind in Cystia that the Ten Saviors plan on introducing to their 'adaptation observation subjects'.

--> Who are the Ten Saviors?

The Ten Saviors are ten androids who joined forces to wipe out every trace of humanity in Cystia. Out of sight from one and all, they constantly observe and test new environmental changes on their 'observation subjects' -- changes that can affect their very DNA for several days. They are by no means friendly, so appeasing them is almost out of the question.

--> What do characters have with them when they first arrive in Cystia?

The clothes on their backs, anything that they could've had on their person (a book, a knife, a cell phone, a sword, whatever. Electronics, besides the ones in Cystia, don't work, by the way), and a small, text-based communication device.

--> Can't I just break out of the dome?

The dome is indestructible, but characters are welcome to try breaking it. It gives the Ten Saviors something to laugh at. Cystia is a good ten thousand miles above the Pacific Ocean, by the way. That's quite the fall, so breaking out isn't the greatest of moves.

--> My character can fly!

No he/she can't. Not here, I'm afraid. The Ten Saviors don't want their observation subjects to get too nosy and end up flying right into their base, so they made it a point to disable any powers of flight their subjects may have. If your character has wings, the flight feathers have been clipped, meaning the wings are still there, but the best they're for here are for show.

--> My character can bend space-time!

And the Ten Saviors made sure the greatly weaken that ability, as well as any and all abilities. Think of it as your character starting on level 1 -- that's pretty much what they did. Except you'll be lucky if you ever reach level 2 ...

--> Where are the Ten Saviors?! My character wants to rip them to shreds!

Unless noted that they are making an actual appearance, the Ten Saviors are out of sight, out of mind. However, it's not like you'll never hear from them -- they'll make announcements whenever they are introducing a new environment, animal, monster (yes, there will be an occasional monster breed let loose), or food. Actually, for the food, they won't announce it, but you, the muns will be informed of it and what it can do to your characters.

--> When do these events from the Ten Saviors usually come up?

Every other friday, in most cases. Sometimes, depending on whether I'll have time or not on friday, the events may show up on Wednesday instead.

--> I put up my app on Monday and it's already THURSDAY and I still haven't gotten an answer! What's taking so long?

As of right now, I'm only one person. I do app sweeps on weekends if I'm busy, but if I'm not, I'll be accepting apps whenever I'm available.

--> You're running this RP alone? Don't you need help?

No, I'm just fine~. Suggestions are always nice, but as of right now, I can do this on my lonesome. Watch, in two weeks, I'll be begging people to help me moderate this place, heheh.

--> Is this a crack RP or a serious-business RP?

Both, really. I don't want to scare away more serious RPers with large doses of crack, but I don't want casual, just-wanna-have-fun RPers to run because of drama. There will be crack situations abound here (actually, most of them will be, more than likely), but do note that this isn't a crack RP.

--> Where do the characters generally wake up when they arrive in Cystia?

Usually near the lake or in the forest. If you want them to wake up in the middle of one of the roads to the different areas or in the ruins or near the housing complex, you're free to do that as well. Just don't divide by zero and have them wake up in bed with someone (well, unless you have permission from that mun) or in the same room as the Ten Saviors or something silly like that.

--> Uhm ... my character just got killed. Does this mean I have to drop them?

Not really. In cases such as those, either e-mail me or contact me through AIM, letting me know what happened. There, you can either request to have that character dropped or you can request to have them revived, in which you are given a two-day 'penalty' (meaning you can't use that character for the next two days) and that character's memories of Cystia will be partially lost. This means they'll appear to not remember anything about Cystia, but after revisiting areas they've explored before or talking to people they used to know before they died in Cystia, they'll slowly be able to remember things. Not little details -- but important things that happened to them before they died.

--> How do the first-person entries work?

All 'journal'-like entries are done through the 'text-based communicator' your character has on their person when they arrive. All other interactions are done face-to-face.

--> Do the logs HAVE to be in third-person? I'm not exactly a good writer ...

... hm. This is true -- not everyone is exactly incredibly amazing third-person RPers/enjoys writing in third-person. I prefer that you write logged entries in third-person, but if you want to start a log and don't want to be bothered with the whole writing-in-third-person deal, then as long as you're the one starting the log, you can make an OOC statement saying that the log is in first-person, not third. But if the log is written to be in third-person, then you're stuck with that for the log's length, unless the mun gives the OK to switch to first-person.

-- The FAQ will be updated again when I feel it's necessary --