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26 November 2007 @ 08:36 pm

Every RP has a set of rules, even though some should be unspoken and simply known, that have to be flat out stated. And right now? You're going to see em :3

--OCs are preferred but not required. I just find OCs more interesting than fandom characters, but everyone and anyone is welcome.

--God-modding and 'dividing-by-zero' isn't allowed at all. This should be known, but it still has to be stated. In case you're not clear on exactly what dividing-by-zero means, it's also known as 'hax'. Basically, say you're in a choker-hold that your character can NOT, in ANY WAY, get out of. Instead of RPing your way out of it, you simply say "lawl, out of choker-hold". That is dividing-by-zero. Only the Ten Saviors can divide by zero ♥

--Drama is accepted, but park your llama outside. What do I mean by this? Well, this isn't a crack RP, but this isn't the 'You-Don't-Know-Me Swan' RP either. We can all use a little drama in our RPs, but don't over do it to a point where people want to seek you out personally and hurt you.

--I don't wish to meet Mary-Sue or Gary-Stu. Those two are character classifications that you don't want your OC character, should you choose to make one, to fall under. They are perfect people -- everyone loves them, they're the star of the show, they're often in the middle of a playercest with that mun's favorite character, and they practically read out like a fanfiction. Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus will be shot on sight asked to revise their applications or will be flat-out declined ♥

--Keep drama between the characters, not the muns. You are not obligated to specifically RP with someone, but you should by no means ignore them completely either. If you have some sort of personal problem with a mun, don't turn it into World War III -- either contact the head mod personally or keep it to yourself. Mun drama can severely damage an RP, so let's try to avoid that ♥

--If a mun you don't like joins the RP, do not, under any circumstances, bad-mouth that mun or tell others not to RP with them. As you can tell, I want to keep the RP as mun-drama-free as humanly possible.

--No advertising other RPs in any of the communities. This should also be known. I wouldn't do that to you and I'd appreciate it if you didn't do that to me.

--No more than five characters per mun, please! And on that note, only app one character per fandom, unless it's a character that would likely not interact with the character you already have from that fandom (if this is the case, please let me know and I'll allow it).

--When starting a log, please ask any and all muns you plan to have involved in that log if they'd like to participate. People generally don't like being forced into things, so it's best to just let people know instead of just throwing them in somewhere.

--Journal entries should be written in first-person and log entries should be in third-person. However, while I prefer that you write logged entries in third-person, you can start a log and make an OOC statement saying that the log is in first-person, not third. But if the log is written to be in third-person, then you're stuck with that for the log's length, unless the mun gives the OK to switch to first-person.

--Adding onto the above rule, not all journal entries have to be done through the 'communicators' your characters find on their person when they arrive. In fact, I encourage most of the interactions to be done face-to-face. The 'communicators' can be voice-activated, but it's mainly just lines of text sent back and forth.

--Yaoi and yuri, as well as regular het-pairings, are very much welcome here; however, all rated R stuff should be in a log, not in a journal. We don't want some unsuspecting mun clicking on someone's journal and scrolling through Timmy and Joe 'getting it on' when that's not something that mun wants to see. So in short -- if your character feels the need to have a bed-rumble with another one: log it, place the rating at R, and in the warning, label it as yaoi, yuri, or het.

--I'm not a total Grammar Nazi, but check your grammar and spelling, please! Things always go better if we know what you're trying to say.

--For fandom characters; PLEASE stay in character! I may not know every character that will be present in the RP, but please don't run off and make them into someone they're not. That's like slapping their creator in the face.

--If you and another mun who is also joining wish to continue a storyline between two fandom characters or two OCs that you had running in another RP, feel free to do so here. I know how awkward it can get to reintroduce the same thing to the same person over and over when all you want to do is cut to the chase and get down to business. Wow that sounded wrong. However, in both cases, please give a summary of the storyline between those two characters thus far, so I don't get confused as to why some people are all over each other on day one.

--Adding onto the above rule, if they were in a fandom RP, any requirements your OC character had to have (a Poke'mon, a persona, wings, ect) is now nonexistent. Your character will also have no memory of such things ever existing in his or her life, also.

--For OCs; if possible, please avoid using fandom character icons for your OC. If you cannot draw or cannot bribe get someone to draw icons for you, then please edit your fandom icons to have your OC's name (last name will do just fine) on the icon itself and make sure it is clearly visable. This will lower any confusion between fandom characters and your OC.

--To large groups of muns who are all friends with each other -- please avoid monopolizing fandoms. I've seen it done before, and honestly, that's not cool. Give others a chance to app a character from that fandom too. We're not trying to create fandom-clubs here, so please avoiding doing that.

--Have fun ♥