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26 November 2007 @ 08:43 pm

All OCs are listed here in alphabetical order with their main information up for reference from other muns.


Angelique Papillon angelique_p
Age: Appears 20, is actually 105
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark blond
Eye Color: Golden brown
Build: Slender
Any Special Features About Them: Fangs
Part of an on-going storyline with the following characters: N/A

Background: She was born at the turn of the century in Paris, France. She was one of five children born to wealthy parents. It wasn’t long after she was born that her family moved to the United States (New York, specifically). Her parents were not around much, as her father spent most of his time working and at ‘clubs’ with his friends. Her mother was hardly around too. She preferred to spend her time at cotillions and parties, making sure to befriend those who had money.
It was on her twentieth birthday that her father told her she was to marry a gentleman that he had met at one of the ‘clubs’. She was furious, but there wasn’t anything she could do about such a thing.
A few days later, she was on her way home from the market, when a young man approached her. She was frightened, but reluctantly agreed, despite her better judgment. Before she knew what was happening, he had led her into an alley and bit her…her blood stained the new dress she had bought the day before…

Personality: She can be a bit of a spoiled brat, as she is used to having money, but overall she is a good person. Sometimes vain, but kind hearted nonetheless. Although, she has an immense hatred for the one who turned her, she doesn’t like to show her emotions to anyone. Having watched the ones she loved pass away, there is this immense sadness that emanates from her despite the smile that might be on her lips.
















Pretti Sotu prettisotu
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Crimson red.
Eye Color: Gray.
Build: Slim and athletic.
Any Special Features About Them: Noticeable bags under her eyes
Part of an on-going storyline with the following characters: N/A

Background: Pretti Sotu is her full name. She grew up in the slums of a city after being left to die as a baby. However, passing prostitutes felt pity for the crying baby, maternity decided to kick in, and they cared for her. They teached her life through their eyes. They taught her that she had to take any opportunity presented to her. They named her "Pretti Sotu" because of her innocence, and to make a mark on her life, they had a play on words for her name.
Pretti Sotu grew up looking out for her fellow prostitutes, they were all she had. They protected her from the street life, and the clients. In return she watched for their safety, cooked meals, and got a job at a store to help improve their living conditions. And this is how she got the bags under her eyes. She was always staying up late, making sure they came back from a job or she was working. Despite her glum and harsh environment, she kept a positive mind. But that changed when Sotu was on her way home from work one night. A greedy client had seen her walk into the home of the prostitutes, and he followed her in, furious that he had been deceived when he asked for younger women, they replied with no's.
He went into the house and asked about Pretti Sotu, the girls surprised about his knowledge of her still refused to let him near her. Rage and greed took over him and he pulled out a gun from his jacket, he gets what he wants, when he wants. A bloodfest had followed while Pretti Sotu had gone straight to sleep from the exhaustion of work. Feeling haunted, Pretti Sotu woke up to the man hovering above her, and her scream was soon swallowed by his lips.
Oh, and I forget to mention, Pretti Sotu is rather capable with weapons due to the "self defense" the prostitutes have taught her.

Personality: Pretti Sotu is a bright girl. She naturally loves to learn, and she is rather fond of books that were given to her as gifts and the clothes given by her "family". They are what she holds onto dearly. Pretti Sotu has a habit of storing and hiding away gifts given to her from anyone. She is rather a smart but naive girl, you could say she's an oxymoron.
Pretti Sotu tends to overreact over the smallest things. If one made her her favorite dish, she would tear up with joy. Her style is rather tramp-influenced because of the environment she grew up in. She does not realize she is a woman, and she tends to make men feel awkward with her bubbly personality and touching.



Riese riesechan
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Eye Color: Amber
Build: Petite
Any Special Features About Them: Scar on her left cheek
Part of an on-going storyline with the following characters: N/A
Background: "Riese" never really had a family. Since her mother was afraid that her husband would come home at any point, she gave Riese to that 'other man' she was seeing (her father) ... who in turn returned to Japan and put the child into an adoption center.

From there, Riese's life spiraled down into a rut. With her dark blue hair clashing against her amber eyes, she looked scary to the other children, so they never approached her. The only ones who did would tell her why she was in the adoption center -- because her mom and dad were scared of her and she was a demon child. This wasn't true, but it was the only truth Riese had at that point.

When she was sent to her first foster home, she witnessed something no 4 year old girl should see -- her foster mother brutally stabbing her foster father. This scene didn't scare Riese, who promptly left the house and walked several miles back to the adoption center to tell them about it -- it taught her something. It taught her that if you didn't like someone ... they should die. So, for her next foster family ...

... she killed the mother and father and went back to the center. The same happened to her next set of foster parents. They just weren't interesting enough for her to want to stay with. All of those murders were left unsolved, as Riese was never questioned.

She was on her way back to the adoption center when a bright light hit her and everything went black. The next time she opened her eyes, she was right near a lake, confused as all hell.

She had been taken to Cystia.

Personality: Riese is extremely inquisitive and very childish. She speaks very brokenly, since no one bothered to teach her to speak properly. She tends to ask questions that would usually end up making people feel uncomfortable, but doesn't get upset when she receives no answer or is told that she can't know. Riese can get angry fairly quick, but that's only if anyone insults her or anyone close to her. She has a bit of an obsession with being part of a happy family, so she wants to do everything she can to make that happen.

Contrary to how her background looks, Riese is far from being a drama-llama. In fact, she doesn't think her past is horrible or traumatic at all -- she thinks everyone goes through what she went through and thinks nothing of it.